NoteWorthy Composer files

These NWC files are all the ones I've written that are in a sufficently-complete state to be presentable. I'll add more as and when they're ready.

While I've done a certain amount of proofreading (or should that be prooflistening?), I'd be surprised if there aren't still some errors. Please do let me know of any mistakes you find, so that I can correct them.

See also the notes about stylistic decisions, etc..

I believe everything linked from here is out of copyright: the music was composed long enough ago not to be a problem, and I'm not reproducing anyone else's layout. (In fact, I've not been concerned about the printed output at all – just the ability to play the files.) If I'm inadvertently infringing your rights, then please let me know and I'll do something about it.

Gilbert & Sullivan

Hood & Sullivan

Rowe & Sullivan


12 July 2004 19:40 UTC: Another whole bunch of updates and additions. But rather than keep having to list them here, I've instead added a note of when each file was last updated. In future, new files and minor corrections won't get listed in the Updates section, unless there's something significant to say about them.

Note that the date shown is the datestamp the file was saved with, which is not necessarily the same as the time I copied it to the webserver.

07 July 2004 17:23 UTC: Added three new files:

Also fixed some typos in several existing files:

This now brings the web server up to date with my local copies.

01 July 2004 06:40 UTC: The Utopia finale had been unnecessarily using multiple MIDI controllers. It now uses just the one, removing the need for multiple versions of the file.

31 June 2004 23:50 UTC: As some computers with a single midi controller fail to remap files that try to use multiple controllers, there's now an alternative version of such files. This is described fully on a new test page.

20 April 2004 19:40 UTC: Added "Oh, spare him" version of Pirates Act 2 finale, and removed the other ending referred to below, on the request of Dick Stockton, on whose research it was based. Contact him for information on the vocal score and band parts for this.

14 April 2004 23:20 UTC: Put commas in file sizes of individual items (for consistency with .zip file sizes which were already being displayed like that).

29 November 2003 01:10 UTC: Added the "first-night" ending for Pirates (in addition to the more usually-performed version, which was already there).

29 October 2003 16:20 UTC: Tidied up the existing Pirates files, improving formatting and fixing errors, and also added 6 more (numbers 01, 03, 11, and 13 from Act 1, and 09 and 10 from Act 2). (Also changed this list of updates, so newest items are at the top.)

13 June 2003 12:40 UTC: text should no longer all turn red when clicked in mozilla; also added some navigation links (supported by most modern browsers except for Internet Explorer).

11 June 2003 22:30 UTC: removed links to "Hello, Dolly!" files, as it's been pointed out to me that making them publicly availabile is potentially in violation of copyright. Although I'm still not quite 100% convinced I couldn't claim it as "fair use", and although I can't see how it could do anything but benefit the copyright holder – with it potentially giving the work free publicity, while still being insufficient for use as a replacement either for the printed score or for a performance – this regrettably doesn't mean that copyright law takes such things into account.

10 June 2003 14:30 UTC: spaces in filenames were confusing netscape/mozilla clients, so they've been replaced with underlines. The filenames within the zip files are unaltered.

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